‘More Idols than realities’ Bowie’s song Up The Hill Backwards is his expounding on the Questions of his parental protestant vs roman catholic upbringing war and firmly taking sides.

Bowie once described the arguments within his house born of the fact of his father being a protestant and his mother roman catholic , and how these two opposing irreconcilable stands could never meet. In the particular interview he later made a point of saying ‘ I hope in the end to have made my father proud’

This gives us some clue as to where Bowie stood in regard to what he thought was genuine christianity as opposed to satan’s deceptive counterfeit church led by the antichrist the pope, Roman Catholicism.

That Bowie chose to marry in a Protestant Church further gives us a clue to where he personally stood on the issue when it presented itself in his real life.

Bowie’s song ‘Up The Hill Backwards, is in fact an earlier song on this same recurring theme. A theme which was indeed the central part of a spiritual war Bowie was covertly waging in many of his songs right up to his opus so to speak, ‘Blackstar’.

It is my opinion the clown in the artwork and video is the Papacy the scarlet ground control that dreads the action man Major Doubter Tom.
Up The Hill Backwards

The Hill is Vatican hill
The up the hill backwards is Bowie saying they are going in
Its a reverse, Its the reverse of the coming out of Babylon.

After the reformation they are going up the Vatican hill backwards after obeying Jesus’ command to ‘come out of her my people ‘

They are going back up to vatican hill as if in reverse, little by little
Yet slowly the reformation is reversing by satan’s powers working through the second beast out of the earth.

Through the work of those two horns that look like a Lamb, the horn of the pope and the horn of black pope the jesuit general.
The jesuit horn so instrumental in the history of the roman church after the great wound to the papal head when France by request of Italy abolished the Papacy and it was as if dead. The jesuit horn so instrumental to that second beast out of the earth where that dragon water had been spewed , the jesuit negotiating with mussolini to allow the papacy back into vatican city and organising the holocaust through the same and hitler and stalin and franco.

the song itself is a critique of the creeping march towards apostasy he was seeing within the (Protestant) Church.

The song opens with comment on the advent of the reformation, and how the worlds kings and powers only took the reformation as a means to greed
Exploiting the freedom the reformation brought for worldly gains and goals
Completely disregarding God’s providence in bringing about a spiritual time of protection from the powers of satan’s antichrist. And how this blessing was seen as a vacuum of freedom to accomplish worldly things not the work of God
But the ambitions of men, not the chance to enlighten men to the actual blasphemy of Papal Rome by the opportunity afforded by the chance to teach the scriptures which identify the absolute scriptural truths concerning that papal antichrist and so ensure a church and governments who can continue to guard the nations from that devils deception, a deception which is accomplished by that seat of papal blasphemy. The pope that is an affront against the living God. That pope that nan of sin the son of perdition that God in the holy scripture of Prophecy warned his church of. The warning clearly given in scripture of the coming of that beast that had been the terror of men for the previous 1260 years.

The whole dull delivery of Bowies voice is designed to convey the indolent blase attitude of those that sleep unaware of the assaults of the wolves of Rome, he sings in the manner of those as if walking in a dream state, dull half conscious, as if marching to oblivion and not caring at all about it.

‘The Vacuum created by the arrival of Freedom
And the possibilities it seems to offer’

The repeated phrase throughout;

‘ It’s got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it’

Means, if you understand this you are not the problem.
Because you know it is a massive urgent problem.

If are a true follower of christ you are not the problem and will fully grasp what this song is about.
They who are of the antichrist are tirelessly working to deceive the world.
While the witness to the truth in christ is falling, but, It’s got nothing to do with you if you can grasp it, you are not the problem.

‘A series of Shocks
Snickers fall apart
Earth keeps on rolling
Witnesses falling

The ref to sneakers falling apart after a series of shocks, is talking about mental health shock treatment of christians under the inquisition of psychiatry and the over all continued advances of Rome toward the protestant church.
That advancement undertaken by the power of satan and as such so deceptive that people are shocked into a worldly compromise. So much so they are either abandoning the race of faith and falling into apostasy or are so worn out that they are giving up hope of fighting antichrist’s constant assaults by covert usurpation of powers who have fallen into apostasy.

Powers that are now working from within the true church on behalf of the antichrist’s goals.
The goal being to regain the absolute supremacy of the first beast. Supremacy that was lost after 1260 years of persecution of the saints via satan’s agenda of bloody attack on the earth and sea after he was thrown out of heaven.

Snickers fall apart.

Run Your Race to Win
24Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. 25And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. 26I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: 27But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway

‘While we sleep they go to work
We’re legally crippled It’s the death of Love’

The song ends with a mockery of the complete essence of the sleeping ones attitudes who are dull to the actual reality of the difference between christ’s body and the blasphemous blind Godless Roman Catholic , Bowie sing about this attitude that leads to eventual apostasy. He points out first the reality of idols within Rome are a direct violation of the command of christ, yet the fact of that produces little to no response from the sleeping ones other than to compare their slight differences in belief as if it’s an trivial slight variation of christian forms of practice, which makes the sleeping ones to blandly comment;

‘I’m OK, You’re so so, Ooh ooh.

And then Bowie mocks their attitude stating the reality of what is in fact going on, the march to the beast of Rome with his,
‘yeh yeh Up the hill backwards it’ll be all right

The vacuum created by the arrival of freedom
And the possibilities it seems to offer
It’s got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it
It’s got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it

A series of shocks – sneakers fall apart
Earth keeps on rolling – witnesses falling
It’s got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it
It’s got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it

Yeah, yeah, yeah – up the hill backwards
It’ll be alright, ooh

While we sleep they go to work
We’re legally crippled it’s the death of love
It’s got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it
It’s got nothing to do with you, if one can grasp it

More idols then realities, ooh
I’m OK, you’re so-so, ooh

Yeah, yeah, yeah – up the hill backwards
It’ll be alright ooh