Absolute beginners a song about the early church overcoming the seven mountains of Rome

Absolute Beginners by David Bowie

In light of Bowie’s Protesting of the Papal Antichrist chiefly in his songs Warszawa, The Next Day and Blackstar, it seems to me that his song Absolute Beginners is far more than the usual love song, of course it was taken that way.

It contains such romantic images and words that it transcends the normal romantic love song. With allusion to flying over mountains and laughing at the sea, laying down hard lines, and being so in love with the absolute truth that he sings the rest can go to hell.
So personally I see it as a song about the early churches relationship with God through Christ, a commitment that is akin to a marriage true is being described, but its an epic description that goes beyond the usual romanticisms and contains lines of enormous understatement and irony .
He sings ‘There’s nothing much at stake’, which is highlighting the enormity of just what is actually at stake.

Why Bowie would sing that line if it were just a romantic love song about a man and a woman does not make sense.

With Eyes Completely Open

Absolute Beginners has Bowie singing the line, ‘ with eyes completely open’ as if safe to behold with his eyes, that is Beholding christ Jesus by the eyes of faith by the word of God in the good news, beholding he who is the image of the invisible God as opposed to Bowie’s Button eyes Prophet in his Blackstar video. Button eyes who deliberately is depicted making himself blind by a blindfold, shielding his eyes from the images of antichrist’s deadly deceptive idols in Bowies video for the song Blackstar.

This is why I believe Absolute Beginners to be about the beginnings of the early church and the commitment between the early church and christ and is therefore modelled as a song for all those in relationship with him in all ages.

It making allusion to overcoming the antichrist the beast in the line laugh at the the sea (ocean) and in the line if our love song can fly over mountains the allusion there being the overcoming of the false church of Rome sat on the seven mountains of Rome , this makes the spiritual insight of the lyric absolutely true, which is of course the most important thing.

If My Love Is Your Love We’re Certain To Succeed…


The European canon is here -the history of Roman catholicism pagan origins, the reformation, and the use of the occult by the antichrist papacy in the counter reformation

Station to Station by David Bowie

Only in the modern post reformation era did we see a rise in the occult.
The rise was brought about by the antichrist papacy counter reformation tactics by the vatican library making public many false books that were eaten up by the post reformation occultists who wit the help of money interests created new occult teachings and spread them into society and modern pop culture.

The occult is a pantomime a ruse a trick.
The knowledge of it useless as its basis is lies.

Station to station is a history lesson in Roman paganism, modern occultism and demonic false roman catholic teaching.
Yet the song itself is mainly a celebration of the reformation bringing mankind access to the bible canon in their own language.
The European canon is here!
Access to the Word of The true God and the glorious good news of his son Jesus christ the messiah.
It is a gloriously triumphant celebration of Gods mercy via the reformation which led to thousands of souls being saved, connected to the God who is love,
Mankind keeping faith by the word of God being in them that truly he the true gospel genuine son of God The Lord Jesus christ is here with us and in us.
Yes he’s here !
Only one in a million are left to be blinded by the papal whore’s false church

Bowie mindfully aware of the constant threat of the papal counter – reformations use of the occult ends the song with the ominous words
The return of the thin white Duke throwing darts in Lovers Eyes
Making sure white stains
Which is a reference to the white dress of the second beast
Who poses as a lamb yet speaks and so teaches like the dragon satan.
Bowie again is warning of the visual means by which men are deceived via the eye gate. This time he warns us the enemy is attempting sure the religious brilliant white stains the lovers eyes.

Close them to him
Bowie mimes as he closes the song with a smile.